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Stereo 3-D Professionals WorldwideAre you a professional engaged with 3-D stereoscopic image and film production? Are you looking for one in your specific region?

Join the World's largest pure 3-D Stereoscopic networking platform and immerse yourself in a universe of real 3D stereo knowledge and professional services.

Network with industry leaders in the field of Stereoscopic 3D Film, Video, Photography and Animation, Display Hardware and Software, Conversion, Editing, Post-Production, Writing and Teaching in the original and largest LinkedIn Group for professionals engaged with 3-D Stereoscopic Image and Film production Worldwide..

Stereo 3-D Professionals Worldwide aims to bring the highest level people in the field of 3-D Stereo image creation, distribution, publication and teaching together to get talking about better 3-D and to get 3-D as a medium further. A professional 3-D industry can only exist and grow if we come together as 3-D producers and discuss the possibilities of the medium and make 3-D stereoscopic projects happen.

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