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3-D Stereoscopic Production & Consulting Service

Contact 3-D Revolution Productions

We offer complete turnkey solutions for your 3-D stereoscopic film ,video or animation production, or still image, photography, print or website promotion. We specialize in 3-D production assistance, production planning and stereoscopic consulting from script to screen.

Are you already in post-production of your animation project and you have just decided to go 3-D? We can help to turn your production, as it is, into a 3-D stereoscopic presentation with proper 3-D cinematic impact.

At 3-D Revolution Productions we construct 3-D stories from the ground up and think 3-Dimensional from script to screen. Not just as an afterthought but in a way that will blow the minds of a new generation of 3-D moviegoers! And all that for an affordable budget.
Getting 3-D wrong is not only going to annoy and keep away audiences, it can be a very costly production part. At 3-D Revolution Productions we know how to get 3-D prodution right from the start and how to avoid time and money consuming mistakes, misconceptions and pitfalls.

If you are thinking of producing in stereoscopic 3-D, or are right in the middle of a 3-D production, you will want all technicalities to be sorted hassle free, the creative 3-D ideas to work and the impact of the 3-D to be the best it an be. Contact us.

Contact 3-D Revolution Productions

The Incredible Invasion 3-D Moonridge 5 3-D Amsterdam 3-D

Pure Slime Hip Hop video in 3-D Pure Slime Hip Hop video in 3-D

What we do in 3-D

3-D Revolution Productions can help you with the following 3-D Stereoscopic production parts;

bullet 3-D Production planning including script writing and storyboarding
bullet 3-D-lizing of exisiting storyboards for 3-D animatics -
spacer The very best way to Pitch your project: in 3-D & Know your 3-D camera settings in advance

bullet 3-D Pre-viz of stereoscopic shots

bullet 3-D
Animation production
bullet 3-D Post-production including editing, compositing and special effects
bullet 3-D
Conversion (dimensionalization) of flat 2D material (2D to 3D conversion)
bullet 3-D Projection solutions
bullet 3-D
Consultancy, Training & Speaking


3-D Stereoscopic Film Production

3-D Revolution Productions Showreel 2007 Moonridge 5Invasion 3-DACH / NationwideColourbars
Comfort Card 3-DBaron RaglanGnome Klaas

Movie-goers are clear about what 3-D they like and what 3-D they are willing to pay up to 50% more for. It is quality, effective and seriously entertaining 3-D. Three D that is approached from start to finish in a serious, unique and complete way. This is exactly what we do at 3-D Revolution Productions.

Three simple reasons to choose 3-D Revolution Productions for your next 3-D film project:

  1. We have been working in the field of stereo 3-D for over 10 years. Stereoscopic 3-D film, video and animation are our specialty and we know the medium absolutely through and through. We understand the medium and its possibilities and employ its full potential rather than just trying to copy what has come before.
  2. We create stereoscopic content, with a background knowledge of 3-D hardware, rather than being 3-D hardware manufacturers who do a bit of 3-D image creation on the side. At 3-D Revolution Productions we are all trained film makers, animators, directors and FX specialists with a background in feature film and broadcast television production.
  3. We incorporate the latest advances in 3-D technology as much as the proven, unfailing techniques of the rich stereo 3-D past to make your 3-D dreams into a screen reality. We’ll do whatever it takes to get to the best possible 3-D end result!
3-D Stereoscopic Production

3-D stereoscopic content for glassless 3D screens 3-D stereoscopic content for special glassless 3D displays 3-D stereoscopic and 2D content for glassless 3D and 360 degree viewable holographic screens Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto! 3-D

3-D Revolution Productions' Alexander Lentjes

Alexander Lentjes, owner of 3-D Revolution Productions:

I am very happy to help you out with your 3-D stereoscopic projects, at any stage of production. My professional productional and directorial expertise in 3-D and vast knowledge of the medium will be a valuable asset to your project. Stuck in development hell or not sure how to turn your stereoscopic ideas into a screen reality? I am available as a freelance 3-D director and planner to get your project on track, on time and on budget.
Be it a special 3-D project, short or feature film, webcast or television broadcast, in Real-D format, polarized projection, anaglyphic, field-sequential or otherwise. I hope to be working with you on your project so we can make it a visually stunning 3-D story, incredible eyecandy and a smashing commercial success.


Special Promotion 3-D for TV, Online & Poster print - Still & Animation

We can create 3-D versions of your exisiting property and imagery for special 3-D promotions. Nothing pulls more viewers and interest than a special episode of your Television show in 3-D, advertising or a big poster in 3-D. Your product or show coming off the page and out of the screen: Just Wow!

Click to see converted film poster
3-D Conversion of Movie Poster by 3-D Revolution Productions

Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto! in 3-D

3-D Conversion still of Television Animation series Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto! by 3-D Revolution Productions

Make way for Noddy in 3-D!

3-D Conversion still of Television Animation series Noddy by 3-D Revolution Productions

2-D to 3-D conversion - colour

3-D Conversion still of a flat photograph for
Medborgarservice Andersberg, Halmstad, Sweden
by 3-D Revolution Productions

Cool, Up-to-date & Totally Free information on 3-D Stereoscopic Film

3-D DV Camera Adapter

Selected 3-D Work

Click to play Comfort Card 3-D movie
Click to read more and watch movie Click to see converted film poster

3-D Animated Short

Comfort Card 3-D

A 2'50'' 3-D CGI animated short for an internal company presentation of the premier Dutch credit card provider Comfort Card

3-D Animated Short

The Incredible Invasion of the 20,000 Giant Robots from Outer Space

A 8'30'' independent 3-D stereoscopic stop-motion/CGI animated short in vision-startling SpaceTerrorScope 3-D!

3-D Conversion

Conversion of the existing film poster of 'It Came from Outer Space'

For the special showing of the film in 3-D at the Royal Festival Hall in London.
This conversion employs a non-volumetric 'cardboard' look in the 3-D to match the style of the poster

Contact 3-D Revolution Productions

Contact 3-D Revolution Productions
Tel +44 1179 441 449

3-D Revolution Productions | 51 Sefton Park Road | Bristol BS7 9AN | United Kingdom

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Stereo 3-D
Our Work
Moonridge 5
Press - Publications
Stereoscopic 3-D
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